Faculty - Dr. Owen Griffith Jones

Photo of Dr. Owen Griffith Jones
Dr. Owen Griffith Jones Associate Professor Email Icon joneso@purdue.edu Phone Icon (765) 496-7723

Ph.D. from Food Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2009

B.S., Food Science & Technology, the Ohio State University, 2005

General Research Areas

  • Investigation of physical interactions between food biopolymers, such as milk proteins and fibrous polysaccharides.
  • Investigations of assembled structures through physical interactions and environmental changes, such as pH, temperature, and dielectric constant.
  • Development of assembled structures for the purpose of controlled release, textural mimetry, or modulated interactivity within food or pharmaceutical products.

Selected Publications

1. Jones OG (2016). Developments in dynamic atomic force microscopy techniques to characterize viscoelastic behaviors of food materials at the nanometer-scale. Current Opinion in Food Science, 9: 77-83.

2. Murphy R, Farkas B, Jones OG (2016). Dynamic and viscoelastic behavior of ?-lactoglobulin microgels of varying sizes at fluid interfaces. Journal of Colloid & Interface Science, 466: 12-19

3. Du J, Reuhs BL, Jones OG (2016). Influence of PEGylation on the ability of carboxymethyl-dextran to form complexes with ?-lactalbumin. Food Chemistry, 196: 853-859

4. Jones OG (2016). Recent advances in the functionality of non-animal-sourced proteins contributing to their use in meat analogues. Current Opinion in Food Science, 7: 7-13.

5. Eren NM, Jones OG, Campanella OH (2015). Changes in the rheology of nano-structured suspensions by adsorption of the protein ?-lactalbumin on the surface of silica particles. Rheologica Acta, 54: 735-744

6. Moser S, Chegeni M, Jones OG, Liceaga A, Ferruzzi M (2014). The effect of milk proteins on the bioaccessibility of green tea flavan-3-ols. Food Research International, 66: 297-305

7. Gilbert J, Campanella O, Jones OG (2014). Electrostatic stabilization of ?-lactoglobulin fibrils at increased pH with cationic polymers. Biomacromolecules, 15(8): 3119-3127

8. Hirt S, Jones OG (2014). Effects of chloride, thiocyanate, and sulfate salts on b-lactoglobulin – pectin associative complexes. International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 49(11): 2391-2398

9. Zimmerer L, Jones OG (2014). Emulsification capacity of microgels assembled from beta-lactoglobulin and pectin. Food Biophysics, 9, 229-237

10. Jones OG, Handschin S, Adamcik J, Harnau L, Bolisetty S, Mezzenga R (2011). Complexation of b-lactoglobulin fibrils and sulfated polysaccharides. Biomacromolecules, 12(8): 3056-3065

11. Matalanis A, Jones OG, McClements DJ (2011). Structure biopolymer-based delivery systems for encapsulation, protection, and release of lipophilic compounds. Food Hydrocolloids, 25(8): 1865-1880.