January 5, 2021

Mario Martinez receives the prestigious Young Scientist Research Award from the Cereals & Grains Association

Mario M. Martinez obtained his BSc in Agricultural Engineering, MSc in Food Materials and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Valladolid (Spain). Since graduating, he has worked as a postdoc at Purdue University´s Department of Food Science (USA). In August 2017, he became Tenure Track Assistant Professor at the College of Engineering and Physical Science (CEPS), University of Guelph (Canada), where was awarded the CEPS Assistant Professor Research Excellence Award for his outstanding research productivity in the fields of Food Engineering and Health-Promoting Compounds. In April 2020, he joined the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University (Denmark) as Tenure Track Assistant Professor. Mario has published more than 65 peer-reviewed research papers, 2 book chapters and 1 patent. He is also Adjunct Professor at the Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research (Purdue University) and part of the Editorial Board of different journals, including ACS-Food Science and Technology. Mario has served as program co-chair of the 2019 Starch Round Table and given more than 20 presentations as invited/keynote speaker in international conferences. Criteria The Young Scientist Research Award is presented to an individual for outstanding contributions in basic and applied research to cereal science with the expectation that contributions will continue. This award recognizes research relevant to the broad aims and interests of Cereals & Grains Association. The research can be either basic (such as improved understanding of structure-function relationships) or applied (such as development of new products, processes, techniques, etc.) and nominees may be from government, academia, or industry. Evidence of accomplishments can include awards, publications, and invitations to lecture, patents, and commercialized foods, processes, and/or testing procedures. The research will be evaluated based on impact on advancing cereal science knowledge or improved production or utilization. Nominees must be no older than 40 years by June 1 of the year the award is sought, but nominations of younger scientists are particularly encouraged. The nominee must also be a Cereals & Grains Association member. Achievements will be considered in relation to the age and experience of the nominee. The recipient will be encouraged to present a lecture at the Cereals & Grains Association meeting of the year in which the award is given. In his or her career, a person can only receive either the Young Scientist Research Award or the Cereals & Grains Association Biotechnology Division Bruce Wasserman Young Investigator Award.