• Viscoelastic measurements
  • Starch pasting
  • Rheological analysis
  • Gelation kinetics

Viscoelastic measurements

Viscoelastic properties of food and non-food materials under small oscillations. Stress relaxation and Creep Tests under small and large strains controlled. Flow curves of liquid materials at a large of shear rates using rotational and capillary viscometry. Determination of yield stress for plastic materials. Determination of thixotropy of time dependent food and non-food materials.

Rheological analysis

Determination of rheological models for non-Newtonian liquid and viscoelastic food and non-food materials. Determination of relaxation times spectra. Effect of temperature on rheological properties of foods and non food materials. Determination of Glass Transition Temperatures (Tg) of Food and non-Food materials

Gelation kinetics

Gelation of food and non-food materials using small strain oscillatory tests

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Anton Terekhov, Managing Director of Analytical Services