Analytical Services

With state-of-the-art facilities and expertise, we are pleased to offer a range of analytical services to those utilizing or researching complex carbohydrate structure and function for food and non-food applications. We also conduct research projects to solve your analytical problems.

Contact Information

Anton Terekhov, Managing Director of Analytical Services



  • Carbohydrate composition
  • Stereochemistry of sugar residues
  • Polysaccharide linkage analysis

HPLC with Various Detection Systems

  • Molecular weight
  • Starch chain length distribution
  • Oligosaccharide distributions
  • Preparative separations

Differential Scanning Calorimetry

  • Thermal transitions
  • Reaction kinetics

Moisture Sorption Balance

  • Characterization of water-solid interactions
  • Water sorption of molecules


  • Anomeric configuration
  • Sequence


  • Viscoelastic measurements
  • Starch pasting
  • Rheological analysis
  • Gelation kinetics

FTIR Spectroscopy

  • Thermal transitions
  • Reaction kinetics