Sponsored Research

The Center, located within the Department of Food Science in Purdue's School of Agriculture, is supported by industry.

Contractual research links Purdue University with industry and provides a means of technology transfer.

The focus of the Center's research program is molecular origins of functionality.

Organic, analytical, and polymer chemistry, x-ray diffraction, NMR and FT-IR spectroscopy, microscopy, molecular modeling, physical theory, and genetics are used to examine fundamentals.

Projects are conducted under sponsored research agreements. Sponsored research involves a project with well-defined goals conducted under a negotiated agreement and gives the sponsor the right to an exclusive license. Research agreements and contracts are made between the Purdue Research Foundation - on behalf of the faculty member - and the sponsor and are negotiable with respect to degree of sponsor involvement, patenting procedures, royalties on licenses, delay in publication, and schedule of payments. Blanket university agreements can be negotiated.

Faculty work closely with company personnel during the course of projects. All company information is kept confidential, unless permission is given to do otherwise.