Ning Xiang

Ning Xiang
Ph.D. Student
Faculty Supervisor
» Dr. Ganesan Narsimhan

Xiang Ning earned her B.E. degree from the Department of Food Engineering of Hunan Agricultural University in July 2011. She obtained her M.S. degree from the Department of Food Science of Wageningen University in the Netherlands in June 2013. The research topic of her M.S study was "The relation between structure of globular proteins and their cross-linking activity with microbial transglutaminase". She joined Dr. Narsimhan's group as a visiting student in July 2013 to study the function of homogenization on soy ?-conglycinin and pectin stabilized encapsulation system. She will continue her Ph.D. under Dr. Narsimhan with the research topic on pore formation in lipid bilayers by antimicrobial peptides.