Moustapha Moussa

Moustapha Moussa
Ph.D. Student
Faculty Supervisor
» Dr. Bruce R. Hamaker

M. Moussa rejoined Dr Hamaker group in June, 2016 to pursue his Ph.D. in Food Science. His research areas focus on grain chemistry and processing with objective to use extrusion and nutrition-related technologies to better utilize and expand market of local based sorghum and millet grains. He received his M.S in Food Science from Purdue University in 2007. Prior, to this, he also completed a B.S. and M.S. in Applied Chemistry from Usmanu Dan Fodio University, Nigeria in 1996. Between degrees, M.Moussa worked at the National Agricultural Research Center (INRAN), Niamey, Niger, his home country, as Food Technologist. He was also a Borlaug/USDA Fellow for Organic Foods at Washington State Univ., Pullman in 2008 and UNIDO Fellow for Food Manufacturing Process at Tubikak Marmara Research Center, Turkey in 2013. He coordinated several projects and was involved in consulting activities on foods in Niger and West Africa for organizations including USAID; MCC; EU and UKAID. M. Moussa and B. Hamaker have had a long student-professor and project (INTSORMIL, SMIL-USAID and McKnight Foundation) relationship. Along with Bruce Hamaker, he successfully helped to implement the Grain Processors Incubation Concept to backstop grain based food technologies development and scaling-up with Nutrition and Market emphasis in urban and rural areas in Niger and West Africa.