Ingrid Aragon Gallego

Ingrid Aragon Gallego
Ph.D. Student
Faculty Supervisor
» Dr. Mario Ferruzzi

Ingrid J. Aragón Gallego earned her B.S in Chemistry from Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia in 2009. Her undergraduate thesis was on the validation of in vitro methodology for evaluation of iron bioaccessibility in foods. Afterwards, she joined the Nutritional Quality Laboratory (NQL) of the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) (Palmira, Colombia) as Research Assistant in 2009. Her works focused in the development, implementation, and validation of analytical methodologies applied for evaluation of bioactive compounds and their antioxidant activity and in vitro bioaccessibility. Also, she participated in the development of different research projects in the cassava and bean breeding programs at CIAT, focused in carotenoids and Fe/Zn biofortification of cassava and beans, respectively. In 2014, she joined Dr. Ferruzzi's lab as a Ph.D. student via a scholarship received through the Colombian government. Her research focuses on the nutritional and bioactive value of biofortified staple crops and native foods of Colombia.