Gabriella Mendes C. de Oliveira

Gabriella Mendes C. de Oliveira
Ph.D. Student
Faculty Supervisor
» Dr. Osvaldo H. Campanella

Gabriella Mendes Candido de Oliveira received a B.S. in Food Engineering (5 years degree) from the University of São Paulo, Brazil in 2013. She has been recipient of several scholarships from the Brazil Government and the Exchange Program between the University of São Paulo, University of Illinois, and Purdue University. In Fall 2011, she attended classes at the Food Science and Human Nutition Department, University of Illinois. In 2013 she was selected for a placement in a Ph.D. program in the United States under the program "Science Without Borders". She arrived at Purdue in Fall 2014 and her research focuses on novel processing technologies from an experimental and modeling standpoint.