Whistler Center Research

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Whistler Center Research Focus

The Center's research focuses on fundamental investigations of structure-function relationships of carbohydrates and other biopolymers as related to practical uses.

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Sponsored Research

The Center, located within the Department of Food Science in Purdue's School of Agriculture, is supported by industry. Contractual research links Purdue University with industry and provides a means of technology transfer. The focus of the Center's research program is molecular origins of functionality.

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Technology Transfer

A goal of the Center is to provide as many benefits as possible to member companies and project sponsors. The Center is pledged to create a "most favored" relationship with member companies. The Center recognizes a need to protect intellectual property arising from research.

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Special Expertise

The center's team includes permanent full-time faculty, associated faculty, research scientists, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scientists, graduate students, and support staff.

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