Welcome the new member & partner : NTU/GIFST/Carbohydrate Center

Published: January 1, 2013

Whistler Center is pleased to announce that the Carbohydrate Center at the Graduate Institute of Food Science and Technology at National Taiwan University (NTU/GIFST/Carbohydrate Center) has joined as a Whistler Center member company and a research partner. NTU/GIFST/Carbohydrate Center, established in early 2012, is industrial-oriented and supported by a group of faculty members from top universities and institutes in Taiwan. The NTU/IFST/Carbohydrate Center is home at National Taiwan University and led by Professor An-I Yeh. The Center's unique expertise includes cellulose structure and functionality, bio-active polysaccharides structure and bio-functionality, rice and color rice processing and structure, starch modification, and cereal processing. The short term goal of this group is to support industrial needs in the development of starch modification in oriental food applications and pre-career training for graduate students who are interested in carbohydrate related market.