Whistler Center Board Meeting and Technical Conference, May 10-11, 2016

Dates: May 10 - 11, 2016

The 2016 dates has been set for the Whister Center Board Meeting at Purdue University for Tuesday, May 10, 2016. The following day Wednesday, May 11, 2016 will be our Annual Technical Conference which includes the Belfort Lecture.

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» 2016 Technical Conference Speakers
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» Poster 1: The effects of sugars, sugar alcohols, and maltrodextrins on the temperature and enthalpy of starch gelatinization
PI: Lisa Mauer Researcher: Matthew Allan, PhD Student
» Poster 2: The importance of solid-state pH on the chemical degradation of amorphous vitamin C
PI: Lisa Mauer Researcher: Juan Sanchez, M.S. Student
» Poster 3: Physical and enzymatic treatments for obtaining water extractable arabinoxylans from corn bran
PIs: Owen Jones, Bradley Reuhs, Bruce Hamaker and Osvaldo Campanella Resesarcher: Maria Julia Spotti, Postdoctoral Research Associate
» Poster 4: Interactions and structure formation between a-lactalbumin and chitosan grafted with poly(ethylene glycol) chains
PI: Owen Jones Researcher: Juan Du, Ph.D. Student
» Poster 5: Novel biomaterials on starch-polyphenol interactions
PI: Srinivas Janaswamy Researcher: Tianming Yao, M.S. Student (file forthcoming - exceeds size limitation)
» Poster 6: Stabilizing zein dispersions with carrageenan
PI: Owen Jones Researcher: Chris Cheng, PhD Student
» Poster 7: Effect of oleic acid and glutaraldehyde concentrations on zein protein crosslinking
PI: Jozef Kokini Researcher: Emma Barber, M.S. Student
» Poster 8: Carbohydrate-based antimicrobial carriers
PI: Srinivas Janaswamy Researcher: Carlos Carter, MS Student
» Poster 9: Understanding the properties of millet couscous related to its slow gastric emptying for translation to other carbohydrate-based foods
PI: Bruce Hamaker Researcher: Elizabeth Pletsch, PhD Student
» Poster 10: Slow release dietary carbohydrates as a potential weight management strategy
PI: Bruce Hamaker Researcher: Mohammad Chegeni, Postdoctoral Research Associate
» Poster 11: (Poly)phenol Content and Stability of Vaccinium spp. Berries
PIs: Mario Ferruzzi and Connie Weaver Researcher: Dennis Cladis, Ph.D. Student (file forthcoming - file exceeds size limit due to large graphics)
» Poster 13: Processing and protein interactions modulate the bioaccessiblity of flavan-3-ols from green tea extracts
PI: Mario Ferruzzi Researcher: Jennifer Allen, Ph.D. Student (file forthcoming - file exceeds limit)
» Poster 14: Substrate structure-dependent growth of Bacteroides xylanisolvens XB1A on corn arabinoxylan fragments in pure and mixed culture environments
PI: Bruce Hamaker Researcher: Xin Nie, PhD Student
» Poster 15: Effects of cations on the viscosity and particles size distribution of tomato products
PIs: Osvaldo Campanella and Brad Reuhs Researchers: He Liu and Danshi Zhu, Visiting Scholars
» Poster 16: SCFAs produced by dietary fibers vary with Prevotella versus Bacteroides enterotypes
PI: Bruce Hamaker Researcher: Tingting Chen, Ph.D. Student
» Poster 17: Effect of fresh preparation and industrial processing on stability of potato phytochemicals
PI: Mario Ferruzzi Researcher: Min Li, Postdoctoral Research Associate
» Poster 19: Effects of hydrocolloids on shear-thickening behavior of gelatinized starch disperations and its impacts on gastric emptying rate
PIs: Osvaldo Campanella and Bruce Hamaker Researcher: Fang Fang, Ph.D. Student
» Poster 20: The effects of soluble pectin on the viscosity of reconstituted tomato suspensions
PIs: Osvaldo Campanella, Owen Jones, Brad Reuhs Researcher: Xing Fei, PhD Student
» Poster 21: Relationship of structure of phenolic compounds with inhibition properies of a-amylase
PIs: Bruce Hamaker and Mario Ferruzzi Researcher: Jongbin Lim, Ph.D. Student
» Poster 24: Swelling kinetics of waxy native maize starch
PI: Ganesan Narsimhan Researcher: Prasuna Desam, PhD Student (file forthcoming - exceeds size limit)
» Poster 25: Approaches towards identifying commensal Clostridium carbohydrate substrate preferences via an in vitro fermentation model
PI: Bruce Hamaker Researcher: Enosh Kazem, MS Student
» Poster 26: Proposed use of isothermal titration calorimetry for assessment of interactions between a-amylase and phenolics shown to decrease enzyme activity
PI: Bruce Hamaker Researcher: Leigh C.R. Schmidt, Ph.D. Student
» Poster 27: Influence of the solubility of corn bran arabinoxylan on human gut microbiota
PI: Bruce Hamaker Researcher: Xiaowei Zhang, Ph.D. Student
» Poster 29: The amorphization of thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1) and resulting effects on physical and chemical stability
PI: Lisa Mauer Researcher: Chunli Lei, Visiting Scientist (File forthcoming - exceeds size limits)
» Poster 30: Impact of extrusion on fruit/vegetable-millet blends on recovery of provitamin A and product physical properties
PI: Mario Ferruzzi Researcher: Cheikh Ndiaye, PhD Student
» Poster 33: Modeling gastrointestinal bacterial growth when influenced by viscosity
PI: Bruce Hamaker and Osvaldo Campanella Researcher: Han Tao, Visiting PhD Student
» Poster 34: Enrichment of dough with einkorn (Siyez), cranberry and potato flours: Textural, rheological and pasting properties gastrointestinal bacterial growth when influenced by viscosity
PI: Osvaldo Campanella Researcher: Ferhat Yuksel, Visiting Scholar
» Poster 36: Free energy of pore formation by aggregates of melittin in DOPC and DOPG mixed lipid bilayer by molecular dynamics simulation
PI: Ganesan Narsimhan Researcher: Yuan Lyu, PhD Student (file forthcoming - exceeds upload limit)
» Poster 37: In vitro digestibility of imitation rice supplemented with soluble fiber and soy protein isolate
PI: Bruce Hamaker Researcher: Kuenchan Na Nakorn, Visiting Scholar
» Poster 38: Influence of temperature and humidity on the stability of carotenoids in biofortiied maize (zea mays I.) genotypes during controlled postharvest storage
PI: Mario Ferruzzi Researcher: Darwin Ortiz, Ph.D. Student (file forthcoming)
» Poster 39: Impact of processing on the stability and bioaccessibility of provitamin A carotenoids in biofortified cassava roots (Manihot esculenta, Crantz)
PI: Mario Ferruzzi Researcher: Ingrid Aragon, Ph.D. Student
» Poster 41: The chemical stability of amorphous ascorbic acid in vitamin: polymer solid dispersions
PI: Lisa Mauer Researcher: Yahya Ismail, 4+1 Student
» Poster 42: Impact of extrusion on fatty acid generation of whole grain and decorticated pearl millet
PI: Bruce Hamaker Researcher: Pablo Torres-Aguilar, Ph.D. Student
» Poster 44: The application of size-exclusion chromatography in the characterization of starch for designing new generation of food products
PI: Bruce Hamaker Researcher: Cheng Li, Post-doctoral Research Associate
» Poster 45: Platform for the analysis of single corn kernels: starch screening and polyphenol extraction
PIs: Yuan Yao, Cliff Weil, Bruce Hamaker Researcher: Laura Salazar, Research Assistant
» Poster 46: Pathogen biofilm formation on cantaloupe surface and its impact on antimicrobial treatment
PI: Yuan Yao Researcher: Yenzi Fu, Research Assistant
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