Inflammaging and the Microbiome: A Dangerous Liaison (2/6)

Dates: February 6, 2017

Dr. Alan L. Landay, PhD
The Thomas J. Coogan, Sr., MD, Chair of Immunology
Professor, Department of Immunology and Microbiology
Rush Medical College

1:30-2:30 pm
NLSN 2187

Alan L. Landay, PhD, is the chairperson of the Department of Immunology and Microbiology and principal investigator of the Rush Immunology Specialty Laboratory, or ISL, with 35 years experience in studies of HIV immunopathogenesis. He has worked with the AIDS Clinical Trials Group since its beginning and has directed the ISL since it began.

His studies on immunophenotyping and innate immunity in HIV disease have made significant contributions to this field. These early studies were carried out in a newly recognized population of hemophiliacs that were shown to develop AIDS. This work was extended with more recent publications using multi-parameter flow cytometry to define monocyte subsets and the critical role of monocytes and innate immune cell activation in HIV pathogenesis. These papers have contributed to a shift in thinking about HIV as an adaptive immune disease to one focused on innate cell driven inflammation linked to the development of immunosenescence.