Carbohydrate Metabolism minisymposium

Dates: April 23, 2012

3:00 pm- 5:00 pm

San Diego Convention Center, Room 29D

Expereimental Biology 2012 Annual Meeting registration required.

Program chairs: Bruce Hamaker and Bufrod L. Nichols

Speakers and topics:

  • Amy Hui-Mei Lin, Concept of slowly released dietary glucose: a focus on starch digestion at the mucosal alpha-glucosidase level
  • Byung-Hoo Lee, Modulation of starch digestion for slow glucose release through ?toggling? of mucosal alpha-glucosidases by acarbose
  • Buford Nichols, Novel secreted maltase activity enables suckling mouse pup starch digestion
  • Koen Venema, Use of 13C-labelled carbohydrates to trace microbial metabolism in the colon; light in the tunnel
  • Peter Butterworth, How analysis of data from alpha-amylase catalysed starch digestibility performed in vitro contributes to an understanding of rates and extent of digestion starchy foods in vivo
  • Katherene Osei-Boadi, Effects of pattern of pulse consumption on postprandial glycemic, insulinemic and appetite responses in the second meal: a pilot study
  • Kathleen McCutcheon, Gut fermentation and health effects of Louisiana sweet potato varieties