2014 Belfort Lecture

"Some food factors of importance for glycaemia in teh acute phase and beyond"

Lecturer: Dr. Inger Björck | May 14, 2014

Dr. Inger Björk is a professor of applied nutrition on and managing director of the Functional Food Science Centre at Lund University, Sweden. One important area of research has involved evaluation on of food factors of importance for the glycaemic and hormonal responses to carbohydrate rich foods, and possibilities to tailor glycaemia by choice of ingredients and/or food processing conditions. More recently she has been engaged in research related to the potential of food proteins to modulate post-prandial blood glucose. Other research topics deal with the potential of prebiotic carbohydrates in regulating metabolism and appetite. Within the frame of a national centre of excellence in research and innovation, the Antidiabetic food centre, she is also involved in semi-long term interventions in healthy subjects exploiting the anti-inflammatory properties of low glycaemic index foods and other food concepts, aiming at reducing risk factors linked to the metabolic syndrome. Dr Björck is a member of several national and international expert committees such as the Royal Swedish Academy of Science (Food and nutrition group), the International Carbohydrate Quality Consortium and ILSI.

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