2009 Belfort Lecture

2009 Belfort Lecture

Tailoring Hydrocolloid Structures to Control Functionality

Lecturer: Dr. Glyn Phillips | May 13, 2009

Dr. Glyn Phillips gave a presentation "Tailoring Hydrocolloid Structures to Control Functionality" at the May 13, 2009 Belfort Lecture at Purdue University. Dr. Phillips is Chairman of Research Transfer Ltd, Phillips Hydrocolloids Research Ltd, the Cellucon Trust and the Wrexham Gums and Stabilisers Conferences. He is a Fellow and Visiting Professor at Glyndwr University (formally the North East Wales Institute) and a Consultant to several industrial organizations, including the Association for the International Promotion of Gums. Professor Phillips graduated from the University of Wales in Chemistry and holds a B.S., Ph.D. and Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) from this University, and is a Chartered Chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He has held positions as Executive Principal/Chief Executive of the North East Wales Institute and Chairman/Professor of Chemistry of the Department of Chemistry and Applied Chemistry, University of Salford, England; Foundation Vice Chancellor to set up the University of Benin, Nigeria, who on their 20th Anniversary conferred the degree of Doctor of Science Honoris Causa on Professor Phillips. His own University of Wales conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Laws (LlD) Honoris Causa for "outstanding contributions to science and education". Professor Phillips' research interests have centered upon carbohydrate and biomaterial systems, particularly on food hydrocolloids and medically-related biopolymers of connective tissue. Professor Phillips is now Founder Executive Editor of the Journal Food Hydrocolloids, and has produced 55 books and (currently) 569 papers in leading scientific journals. He is also currently Editor-in-Chief of the Advances in Tissue Banking and Editor of the International Journal of Cell and Tissue Banking.

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