Some Scientific and Technical Contributions

» Development of experimental techniques, theory, and modeling to determine the kinetics of adsorption of proteins at interfaces

» Measurements of the steady-state distribution of emulsion droplets that correlate with shelf life

» Determination of the effects of operating parameters and formulation on coalescence rates of droplets during emulsion formation in a high-pressure homogenizer

» Construction of a phase diagram for binary mixtures of globular proteins and uncharged polymers

» Development of a rapid ELISA-based screening assay for cereal protein digestibility

» Correlation of sorghum grain microstructure with digestibility and improvement of digestibilities

» Determination of the effect of lime and calcium ion binding on starch gelatinization and pasting behavior

» Determination of the relationship of starch fine structural detail to cereal product texture

» Nondestructive determination of the sugar content of ripening fruit

» Determination of the amount of solid-like domains and the degree of solidity of food products

» Determination of polymer chain mobility in food products and its correlation with stability and mouthfeel

» Characterization of polymer substitution in modified starches

» Determination of the 3D structure of guaran and other galactomannans

» Determination of changes occurring in protein body structure and alpha-zein during cornflake processing